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Traditional diamond burs are produced using a bonding metal between the diamond crystal and the shank. Theusual nickel hardness is 300 wickers; however, the hardness of our special rhodium-platinum alloy is 950 wickers. This exceptional hardness prevents the detachment of the diamond crystal with the result that the duration of our TOP DIAMCO double layer is more than three times greater than the best traditional diamond burs.

Nickel Chromium Rhodium-Platinum
hardness in wickers
Vedi scala Vickers
300 600 950

The usual nickel friction coefficient is 2,63. Our special rhodium-platinum alloy friction coefficient is 0,58. Because friction generates heat, the bonding metal, together with the diamond crystal, contribute considerably to heat generation. However, a rhodium-platinum plated TOP DIAMCO diamond bur will generate about half as much heat during use in comparison to traditional diamond burs. This is of fundamental importance in order to prevent pulpar damage risks.

Traditional burs new generation rhodium-platinum burs
Nickel Chromium Rhodium-Platinum
Friction coefficient
2,63 1,46 0,58

A diamond bur can reach very high temperatures during use. (In situations in which a cooling spray is excluded, temperatures can climb higher than 600°C.) The nickel and chromium lose their metal qualities at 400°C, turning a dark color and losing their metallic strength. This may cause a total detachment of the diamond crystals. But our special rhodium-platinum alloy reaches its fusion point at 1970°C. and maintains unchanged its metal qualities up to 560°C. Our burs, therefore, are essentially indestructible.

Nickel Rhodium-Platinum
Atomic weight 58,69 165,87
specific weight 8,9 18,6

Nickel has an atomic weight of 58,69, our rhodium-platinum alloy of 165,87. The specific weight of nickel is 8,9 while thatof our rhodium-platinum alloy is 18.6. Consequently our rhodium-platinum alloy has a molecular compactness about three times higher than nickel. This, in addition to its exceptional resistance, makes the bur surface completely water repellant thereby preventing most debris from depositing in the intra-crystal interstices and considerably reducing bur cutting power. A traditional diamond bur must be cleaned after three stump preparations; a rhodium-platinum plated TOP DIAMCO bur can prepare nine or ten stumps before any cleaning is needed. Furthermore, after ten stump preparations, a TOP DIAMCO can be immersed in an ultrasonic cleaner for 10 to 12 minutes, and will immediately return to its original cutting power. A traditional diamond bur must be changed after only five preparations.

temperatura di vaporizzazione

Our product is the only non-toxic diamond bur in the world. It is well known that nickel, like chromium, is toxic, but our special rhodium-platinum alloy is completely non-toxic; in addition it is completely bacteria resistant and unaffected by acids.

    • The precious rhodium-platinum alloy in TOP DIAMCO burs maintains its metallic properties unchanged even at the high temperatures reached during usage; it is virtually indestructible.
    • The exceptional hardness of the rhodium-platinum alloy in TOP DIAMCO burs, no less than 950 wickers (as compared to the 300 of nickel and the 600 of chromium), prevents the detachment of diamond crystals; therefore this bur may be used until its cutting edges are completely worn down, without any loss of its exceptional features.
    • The use of natural diamond in TOP DIAMCO burs ensures the absence of overheating, as is not the case with synthetic diamonds; moreover, a low coefficient of friction and high abrasive power lower reduces preparation time, thus further reducing heat development and the risk of pulpal damage.
    • The shanks of TOPDIAMCO burs are made of special high-resistance stainless steel and are electronically calibrated; the diamond-coated surfaces are deposited through an ion bombardment process, which guarantees the perfect uniformity; these features ensure the total absence of vibrations during usage.
    • The high molecular compactness of the precious rhodium-platinum alloy in TOP DIAMCO burs, more than three times higher than the conventional binders, not only makes the surface water repellent, it also confers exceptional resistance. During the high-speed rotation, this feature rejects more than 90% of the debris during use.
    • The precious rhodium-platinum alloy TOP DIAMCO burs can be sterilized an infinite number of times using any system. The surface layer of the binder is resistant to acids; the burs maintain their color features unchanged, do not darken and do not tarnish under any circumstances.

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